Written translation

Law and insurance

Agreements, contracts, resolutions, decisions, judgements, verdicts, appeals, claims, statutes, articles of association, excerpts from the court register, laws, rulebooks, regulations, terms and conditions, insurance policies, etc.
This specific field requires knowledge not only of the linguistic, but also of the legal system of both the source and target language. Legal translations must be handled with extra precision, accuracy and thoroughness.

Medicine and pharmacy

Clinical trials, SMPCs, informed consents, clinical trial protocols, investigator brochures, patient diaries, drug handling instructions, clinical trial agreements, instructions for use, etc.
In translating a medical text, the translator must be acquainted with the relevant register and extra careful in transferring information, all depending on the intended reader (specialist or patient) and the nature of the project itself.

Electrical, civil, traffic and mechanical engineering, geology, geodesy, etc.

Bills of costs, specifications, tender documents, reports, studies, feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, project documents, designs, permits, etc.
We provide the linguistic building blocks for your design, project and construction efforts!

Finance and economics

Financial statements, profit and loss accounts, audit reports, balance sheets, etc.
We are careful with numbers.

Web pages, marketing, tourism industry

Menus, web pages, leaflets, brochures, booklets, notices, etc.

The focus here is on the reader, the fluency of the text and the experience of the original message. In transferring information, the translator must make sure not to lose the appeal and cultural affiliation of the source text. Regardless of the field, before delivery to the client, each translation is checked, proofread and edited.
We make sure you are faithfully represented by the texts you publish. In any language


Translating literary texts requires much more than linguistic skills. A translator must be not only fluent in his languages, but also willing to fly…

Formats and tools

You can submit your text in Word, Excel, PDF, JPG or xliff format, and we will return it to you in the same format, or as agreed.
You can deliver your texts or documents by e-mail, mail or personally, and we will deliver them back as agreed.

CAT tools

Trados is a CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool that helps the translator produce translations of better quality, consistency and at a higher rate. The translation memory enables the translator to find the required term quickly, and to track, control and compare texts from the same field or for the same client, to maintain consistency throughout the text or project, and have his/her/your work automatically saved.