Whispered interpreting (chouchotage)

Chouchotage or whispered interpreting - discrete interpreting usually for one listener/participant, at an event where the majority understands the working language and circumstances require an undisturbed course of events, so the interpreter interprets directly to the client, quietly and simultaneously with the original speaker.
Conference interpreting – on demand.

Consecutive interpreting at meetings, conferences and similar events with a smaller number of participants. For bigger events with a larger audience, we recommend conference interpreting.
Interpreting at wedding ceremonies, at a court or notary public: the court interpreter comes to the required location (city hall, registration office, notary public office, etc.) in his/her official capacity. The court interpreter is mandatory at official proceedings where one of the parties does not speak the official language (Croatian in the Republic of Croatia) to guarantee that the non-speaker gets all the necessary information in his/her language.

Court interpreter at a wedding